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Our Philosophy

According to Eurostat in 2012 the food sector in Europe counted around 310.000 companies with a total of 4.8 million employees. Production, processing and delivery of safe foods it is not only enforced by law but has a moral side as well. A small error in their management could make them dangerous (e.g. sprouts incident of 2011 in Europe causing 53 deaths)

Our main concern and obligation is to give correct advices in food safety, to inform companies representatives of how they should use their food safety systems and train the food handlers for the safe management of foods in order for them to know any moment what are the consequences of their handling in food safety.

Quality control takes place in the end of a process while quality assurance happens even before the start of the process. A company following quality assurance mentality is protected early and timely against big loses. It is no coincidence that a company with quality assurance has correct / conformant products and services. Ultimately, prevention is better than the firefighting!

When the answer to the questions : “are we able to perform the job properly?”, “can we continue to do the job properly?” is “Yes”, then we ensure quality. Quality assurance is essentially to prevent quality problems through organized and systematic activities.

There are times when a project seems to be delayed, the working group members disagree, deadlines are not met, the team’s spirit falls and customers are dissatisfied. It shouldn’t be this way. A project can (and should) be both successful and enjoyable. All you need is the right methodology and correct sequence of procedures. It’s the “way” that matters not the pain!

A project is defined by results, time and resources. Most of the times we have to choose which of the three will favor over the others. That is why successful project management relates to development and use of meaningful and systematic information. This way, choosing will as efficient as possible.

Daily business produce dozens to billions of numbers. These numbers when properly used can explain the success or failure of a commercial activity, a campaign, a partnership etc and be an important aid in the design of business strategy for the future.

The eighth paragraph of ISO 9000 and ISO 22000 refer to “measurement, analysis and improvement of the system”. In this section frequent non-conformances are observed simply because a company has not properly exploited the information that is “produced” through numbers in order to plan the improvement part. Numbers never tell lies.

We do not mechanically listen to the customer and deliver a project. We try from the first acquaintance to “put his shoes” and understand his concerns. We are passionate about doing something extra in order to thank him. Something that it is not expected and that when received the customer will recognize the added value of our services. Some multinational companies call it “customermania” and we do not hide this fact that yes we are “customermaniacs”!

We believe in people, we trust positive predisposition, we encourage ideas from all members of our team and our partners and we actively ” build ” healthy collaborations of different disciplines and diverse skills .

Our aim is win-win partnerships without “dark spots” and “faded areas” . Honesty, kindness , truth and respect are the values we hold dear, defend and share.

Why we should never wash raw chicken in the kitchen!

We should not wash raw chicken in the kitchen. That way we help in the  spreading of dangerous bacteria like salmonella, campylobacter jejuni etc. The best we can do is to cook the chicken thoroughly and consume it safely! That is the main point of the campaign by Food Standards Agency (United Kingdom). Watch the enlightening video!

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A Few Statistics On National Food Authorities (E.F.E.T.)

Recalls (2016)

Published recalls in the web page of Hellenic Food Authority until now for this year (07/09/2017).

Recalls (2015)

Total recalls announced by the Hellenic Food Authority for the year 2015. Almost 1 out of 5 had to do with olive oil!

Recalls (2014)

Total recalls announced by the Hellenic Food Authority for the year 2014. 12,5% of these recalls took place because of the European system RASFF!

Recalls (2013)

total recalls announced by the Hellenic Food Authority for the year 2013. 45% of these recalls had to do with meats. It was the year of the…horse!

Some of the germiest places in our home

In 2003 the World Health Organization reported that approximately 40% of reported food-borne outbreaks in the WHO European Region over the past decade were caused by food consumed in private homes. Studies also suggest that as much as 50-80% of Salmonella and Campylobacter infections occur within the home. Food safety begins inside our home.  Begins from us. In the following photos some “innocent” spots in our home are depicted. These spots carry much more bacteria than we think.

  • TV remotes
  • Kitchen sponges
  • Microwave's panels
  • Light switches
  • Faucets

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