We have been working with clients from a wide range of services and products. Our expertise in food safety and quality systems management helped us to build solid systems and procedures but most of all to build relationships. The logos below are not presented only to show part of the clientele. It is a way to honor these business and their owners for their choice to take this trip towards quality of services and good food safety management together with us!

Some of the companies – organizations that have trusted us:

  • Clever.net
  • Xenex
  • Grace cafe
  • TEI of Western Macedonia
  • Difilio
  • Vodafone
  • Giorgos Hatzifotiou Chocolates
  • Municipality of Nemea
  • Seraclean
  • Nikoletta's figs
  • Gyroleague
  • Piraeus Port Authority
  • Nomes Kerkinis
  • Red corner pizza coffee
  • Institute of pharmaceutical research and technology
  • Omega 3
  • Supergross
  • Telmaco
  • Municipality of Chalkida
  • Dimitra - Markato Supermarkets
  • Center for Rehabilitation-restoration - Anagennisi
  • Industries Association of Northern Greece
  • Biamax
  • Municipality of Lavreotiki
  • Industries' Association of information science of Northern Greece
  • Ta mnimonia
  • Oven Sesame