2nd party audits

Imagine your system or your supply chain like the links in a chain. You are as strong as the weakest link in this chain. Take for example a company with 10 suppliers. If under specific conditions same for all suppliers their quality system is evaluated from 0-100 (with 100 being the best) what your opinion would be for 9 of them which reach marks above 95?  Now ask yourself the same question for the one supplier who barely managed to reach 45! Such hypothetical scenarios constitute reality around us. If you want to know how you suppliers manage food safety and you don’t have internal resources, 2nd party audits is the tool that will help you.

What are 2nd party audits?

2nd party audits help to strengthen the business and its supply chain. During the process of 2nd party audits, a business checks its suppliers in their facilities according to its requirements. The objective of the process is to correct any problems before these have an impact on the consumer or the end user.  This way the business avoids the risk of a product recall, service failure or compliance issues. All these could generate considerable high costs for the business if not recognized early. 

What are the benefits of 2nd party audits?

  • Helps businesses and organizations to avoid putting the quality of their end products and services at risk.
  • Enhances the strength of a business or organization’s supply chain.
  • Helps businesses and organizations correct problems before they affect the customer or end user.
  • Helps businesses and organizations to avoid the risk of product recall service failure or compliance issues.
  • The 2nd party auditing outsourcing process is able to benefit businesses or organisations that need to implement this program but are limited by an increased demand on internal resources.
  • Ensures stronger and more transparent quality control processes.
  • Assists businesses and organizations to save valuable time and money.

How can Virtuous Triad help you?

We know the requirements of food safety systems. Moreover we have audited suppliers according to questionnaires build from multinational giants (of U.S. or European origin). When we audit suppliers we do it with absolutely documented questionnaires which use  a marking system in which every point deduction is justified. Our concern is to do the job having in mind what’s the common best for all stakeholders. We want the supplier to receive the added value of the audit while at the same time the business whose  on behalf the audit takes place to be sure for its choices. For more details on this, all you have to do is to contact us and let us have a fruitful discussion with you to find the most proper way to help you.