Documentation for food businesses

Every food business should have the proper documentation in order to prove to the Authorities (but most of all to itself) that the food safety system operates according to statutory and regulatory requirements. The 2nd amendment (Protocol number.Υ1γ/Γ.Π/οικ.4476 / 14-01013) of the health ordinance (Υ1γ/Γ.Π οικ 96967) makes  clear what a food business should observe in terms of documentation. Virtuous Triad can help you by gathering every proper documentation for you. We prepare one and only file which contains the proper documentation and we deliver it to you ready for every kind of audit.

Are you interested in something easier, fast recoverable and convenient in filling? We have an electronic documentation system proposal with the most simple and low cost way. Most important: we adapt it to the needs of your business.

Personnel file

In this file food safety trainning records are included. Not only of the personnel but also of the legal responsible of the business to the Authorities (this is obligatory during the Authorisation process of the business). These records also should be signed by a certified body with the task to the specific job (training).


Water file

In the case a food business uses water from drilling then a proof that this water is suitable for human consumption is needed. This proof can be achieved after microbiologican / chemical analyzes.

Cleaning / Sanitizing file

“Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion”. Files alone without a food business looking like is having clean and organised workplace mean nothing. A food business should have a cleaning /sanitizing program which / implements, confirms and verifies it.

Pest control file

The era in which pest controler was giving to the food business representative a proof of his application in the form of a signed adhesive paper has long passed. Nowadays professional pest control businesses prepare a file for each of their customers with the proper documentation concenring their cooperation.

Temperature control file

A thermal processed food is considered 100% safe when the temperature in its geometrical centre is above 75°C. Under this rule we are assured that all food pathogens are killed. This is a very basic rule for food thermal processing (frying, boiling, roasting etc.). Temperature recording is necessary. An experienced eye observing the historical data of temperature recording can understand if your thermal process works as it should or…teeter on the brink of danger.

First materials / suppliers file

Beyond having this file, equally important is to have an emergency list of your suppliers. A list in which all the necessary emergency phones of your suplliers are gathered.  We all wish that this will be unecessary however if needed (e.g. outbreak of a crisis like the case with the meats products containing horse meat) it will save you time and possibly money.